Review: Jumanji: The Mobile Game review – A digital board game worth roaring over?

Jumanji: The Mobile Game review - A digital board game worth roaring over? What do you want from a digital adaptation of a blockbuster movie? Is it some sort of dull third person action adventure that clunks along without capturing the spirit of the film it’s based on?

Or is it an experience that takes a bunch of genres, mashes them together, and comes up with something that feels a little bit like it fits in with the mythos of the world it’s meant to be expanding on.

If you said the second thing, then you might like Jumanji: The Mobile Game. It’s by no-means perfect, but it does have quite a lot going for it.

Board of this pun yet?

Essentially the game is a board game. You’re controlling a little figure based on one of the characters from the new film, and you’re rolling dice to move around a simple board.

It’s sort of like a dumbed down version of monopoly. Land on a square and you can build on it. Unless your opponent already has a jungle hut there, in which case you need to fight them or pay a toll.

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