Zelda on mobile – What might Link look like on iOS and Android?

Zelda on mobile - What might Link look like on iOS and Android? We’re a few months on from Nintendo’s surprise announcement of Super Mario Run at Apple’s iPhone 7 launch event.

We now know that Nintendo is open to bringing across its biggest franchises to mobile, but that they will be built from the ground up (more or less) for the new platform.

Which raises an interesting question: what would a mobile Zelda game look like? Excuse us while we speculate wildly.

Zelda goes rogue

Super Mario Run looks like a little bundle of joy, but strip away the unmistakable Nintendo aesthetic and one thing strikes you – this is another auto-runner. Nintendo isn’t reinventing the mobile gaming wheel by any stretch of the imagination.

So which established mobile genre could Nintendo plunder for Zelda? Assuming the company will stick with the whole single-handed, portrait-view philosophy it adopted with SMR (which is far from a given), might Nintendo go the roguelike turn-based strategy-cum-puzzler route? Think Enyo or Hoplite.

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