XPrivacy Pro v 3.6.18 Final APK

XPrivacy Pro v 3.6.18 Final APK

XPrivacy can prevent applications from leaking privacy-sensitive data by restricting the categories of data an application can access. XPrivacy feeds applications fake data or no data at all. It can restrict several data categories, such as contacts or location. For example, if you restrict an application’s access to contacts, that application will receive an empty contacts list (don’t try this with the contacts application itself without a backup). Similarly, restricting an application’s access to your location will send a fake location to that application.

XPrivacy doesn’t revoke or block permissions from an application, so most applications will continue to work as before and won’t force close (crash). There are two exceptions: access to the internet and to external storage (typically an SD card) are restricted by denying access (revoking permissions). There is no other way to restrict such access because Android delegates handling these permissions to the underlying Linux network/file system. XPrivacy can fake an offline (internet) and unmounted (storage) state, but some applications still try to access the internet and storage, potentially resulting in crashes or error messages. If restricting a category of data for an application causes functional limitations, XPrivacy can once again allow access to the data category to solve the issue. There is a convenient on/off switch for all restrictions for each application.

By default, all newly installed applications cannot access any data category, which prevents a new application from leaking sensitive data right after installing it. Shortly after installing a new application, XPrivacy will ask which data categories you want the new application to have access to. XPrivacy comes with an application browser that allows you to quickly enable or disable applications’ access to any data category. You can edit all of an application’s data categories.

To help you identify potential data leaks, XPrivacy monitors all applications’ attempts to access sensitive data. XPrivacy displays an orange warning triangle icon when an application has attempted to access data. If an application has requested Android permissions to access data, XPrivacy displays a green key icon. XPrivacy also displays an internet icon if an application has internet access, which clarifies that the application poses a risk of sharing data with an external server.

XPrivacy is built using the Xposed framework, which it uses to tap into a vast number of carefully selected Android functions. Depending on the function, XPrivacy skips execution of the original function (for example when an application tries to set a proximity alert) or alters the result of the original function (for example to return an empty message list).

XPrivacy has been tested with Android version 4.0.3 – 5.1.1 (ICS, JellyBean, KitKat, Lollipop), and is reported to work with most Android variants, including stock ROMs. Root access is needed to install the Xposed framework.

For easy usage, data is restricted by category:

return an empty account list
return an empty account type list
return fake account info
return empty authorization tokens
return an empty list of synchronizations
return an empty bookmark list
return an empty download list
return empty search history
return an empty calendar
prevent calls from being placed
prevent SIP calls from being placed
prevent SMS messages from being sent
prevent MMS messages from being sent
prevent data messages from being sent
return an empty call log
prevent paste from clipboard (both manual and from an application)
return an empty contact list
SIM card
return an empty user dictionary
return an empty list of accounts, e-mails, etc (standard)
return an empty list of accounts, e-mails, etc (G-mail)
return a fake Android ID
return a fake device serial number
return a fake host name
return a fake Google services framework ID
return file not found for folder /proc
return a fake Google advertising ID
return a fake system property CID (Card Identification Register = SD card serial number)
return file not found for /sys/block/…/cid
return file not found for /sys/class/…/cid
return a fake input device descriptor
return a fake USB id/name/number
return a fake Cast device ID / IP address
revoke permission to internet access
revoke permission to internet administration
revoke permission to internet bandwidth statistics/administration
revoke permission to VPN services
revoke permission to Mesh networking services
return fake extra info
return fake disconnected state
return fake supplicant disconnected state
return a random or set location (also for Google Play services)
return empty cell location
return an empty list of (neighboring) cell info
prevents geofences from being set (also for Google Play services)
prevents proximity alerts from being set
prevents sending NMEA data to an application
prevent phone state from being sent to an application
Cell info changed
Cell location changed
prevent sending extra commands (aGPS data)
return an empty list of Wi-Fi scan results
prevent activity recognition
prevent recording audio
prevent taking pictures
prevent recording video
you will be notified if an application tries to perform any of these actions
return an empty SMS/MMS message list
return an empty list of SMS messages stored on the SIM (ICC SMS)
return an empty list of voicemail messages
return fake IP’s
return fake MAC’s (network, Wi-Fi, bluetooth)
return fake BSSID/SSID
return an empty list of Wi-Fi scan results
return an empty list of configured Wi-Fi networks
return an empty list of bluetooth adapters/devices
prevent receiving NFC adapter state changes
prevent receiving NDEF discovered
prevent receiving TAG discovered
prevent receiving TECH discovered
prevent applications from receiving statusbar notifications (Android 4.3+)
prevent C2DM messages
prevent draw over / on top
return a fake own/in/outgoing/voicemail number
return a fake subscriber ID (IMSI for a GSM phone)
return a fake phone device ID (IMEI): 000000000000000
return a fake phone type: GSM (matching IMEI)
return a fake network type: unknown
return an empty ISIM/ISIM domain
return an empty IMPI/IMPU
return a fake MSISDN
return fake mobile network info
Country: XX
Operator: 00101 (test network)
Operator name: fake
return fake SIM info
Country: XX
Operator: 00101
Operator name: fake
Serial number (ICCID): fake
return empty APN list
return no currently used APN
prevent phone state from being sent to an application
Call forwarding indication
Call state changed (ringing, off-hook)
Mobile data connection state change / being used
Message waiting indication
Service state changed (service/no service)
Signal level changed
return an empty group identifier level 1
return an empty default sensor
return an empty list of sensors
restrict individual sensors:
return I/O exception for Linux shell
return I/O exception for Superuser shell
return unsatisfied link error for load/loadLibrary
revoke permission to the media storage
revoke permission to the external storage (SD card)
revoke permission to MTP
return fake unmounted state
prevent access to provided assets (media, etc)
return an empty list of installed applications
return an empty list of recent tasks
return an empty list of running processes
return an empty list of running services
return an empty list of running tasks
return an empty list of widgets
return an empty list of applications (provider)
prevent package add, replace, restart and remove notifications
prevent links from opening in the browser
return fake browser user agent string
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android; en-us) AppleWebKit/999+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/999.9





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