Rusty Lake: Roots Walkthrough


Rusty Lake: Roots is the tenth title in the surreal Cube Escape series of room escape/point-and-click games. In Roots, you will solve puzzles by finding items and clues scattered around the manor of a family dating back to 1860, slowly revealing their history and secrets. Gamezebo’s Rusty Lake: Roots walkthrough will help you through even the strangest puzzles and to the truth.

Rusty Lake: Roots Tips

    • Tap on people to learn what they want. Every level in Rusty Lake: Roots centers on one or more characters, such as James or Emma Vanderboom. At least one character will always be present in each stage and able to provide a general guide of what to do next. Often your goal for a stage is to meet their request, like getting them a certain item. If you tap the character’s head, they’ll display a thought bubble of what they want, which is usually your current or overall goal. Your final goal for each stage is always to make the white square appear, which will allow you to exit: often completing a character’s request will make the square appear, but if not, that is your secondary goal.
    • Turn up the volume. Rusty Lake features a beautiful soundtrack in and of itself, but turning up the sound and listening is beneficial to puzzles, as well. Often when you successfully complete a task you’ll receive audible recognition, like a swelling of the music or a click of a lock opening. These cues are useful to know you’re on the right track and can move forward. In past games, sound has actually been needed to complete the game, so don’t underestimate its value.
    • Don’t forget to drag. Although recent Cube Escape entries have featured dragging as a viable move while solving puzzles, it’s become much more prevalent in Roots. If you tap an object and it seems pliable but does nothing, try dragging it. Some items may not seem draggable but are. When in doubt, tap and drag. In this walkthrough “dragging” can mean two different things: dragging the screen to view another area of the level or dragging an item to move it, but it should be fairly clear which we’re referring to at the time.
    • Video walkthroughs are available from the in-game menu. If you’re stuck on a certain puzzle and would really like to see it in motion, tap the gear icon in the upper-left corner while in the stage you’re having trouble with, then select “walkthrough.” Developer Rusty Lake has provided videos of each level and this option will send you to the video for the stage you’re currently on. Our walkthrough below will provide steps via text and images, but sometimes video can be a big help.


  • Notes on this walkthrough: The levels in Roots are somewhat nonlinear and can be played in any order as they open up. As you progress you’ll be able to choose from multiple levels at once. We have listed the levels in essentially left-to-right order, and following a specific branch to completion. So, for instance, when the three children’s branches open up, we played Emma’s first (leftmost branch) and then played all of Emma’s levels that emerged from her initial stage. If you’re playing in a different order, our level “numbers” will not match yours, but we have included the date, title, and characters that appear at the beginning of the level, as well as a general description of the location to help you find the stage you’re looking for.
    • You’ll often pick up multiple versions of the same item, for instance more than one key or pieces of paper that are slightly different. The game will not differentiate between these in-game: if you tap each one in your inventory, they will all be called “key” or “paper.” To help differentiate somewhat, we’ve added parantheses and a qualifier after items with multiples. So, “KEY (2)” would be the second key you pick up in the level or “DIAMOND (GREEN)” would be the green diamond as opposed to the blue one. Sometimes this designation does not matter as you might use all of the diamonds or paper on the same spot, etc., but this should help keep track of items you should have in your possession.
    • Currently this walkthrough is a work-in-progress and incomplete: we have included the first 16 stages—the base of the tree and all of Emma’s branch—so far. The remaining 17 stages will be added in the coming days.


Level 1: Rusty Lake, Spring 1860 – James
Location: Front yard near the well

    • Tap on James
    • Tap the letter twice to open it


    • Tap on the letter to read it. You can tap the lines of text to get a larger version at the top of the screen. Note the code in the bottom-right corner
    • Exit this close-up; go to James’ suitcase


    • Use code – 572 – to open suitcase. Take BONE
    • Tap on the box and drag the lock right to open it. Take SEED; exit the suitcase
    • Drag right; pick up CAN


    • Drag left; use CAN on well
    • Use the handle of the well to get CAN WITH WATER. Exit close-up


    • Tap on dog. Give BONE to dog. Dog will dig a hole in the dirt
    • Use SEED on the hole and CAN WITH WATER on seed twice
    • Tap to exit; tap on James


  • Tap his face to cause a white square to appear; tap his face square to exit the level

Level 2: House, Spring 1860 – James
Location: Front yard near tree and porch

    • Drag the stool over to James
    • Tap him to get him to stand on it


    • Tap on the orange pots; pick up WORM off the ground
    • Tap the left pot to get DIAMOND (WHITE). Exit close-up


    • Tap on tree; tap on left, grayish branch three times to get TWIG. Exit close-up.
    • Tap on James to zoom in. Give him TWIG


    • Tap James so he stretches up. Tap him again and he’ll reach higher
    • Tap him one more time to knock the bird’s nest down. Exit close-up


    • Tap the bird’s nest to enter close-up; tap the egg four times to hatch a crow
    • Give WORM to crow. Tap the crow and it flies away; take the DIAMOND (GREEN). Exit close-up


    • Drag screen right to view the house. Tap the window to enter close-up
    • Tap the diamond in the window; after three taps the glass cracks and a shadow appears


    • Keep tapping until the glass breaks; take DIAMOND (BROWN)
    • Exit window; tap on door to enter close-up


  • Put the three diamonds in the indentations in the door. The order of the diamonds does not matter
  • Tap the gold knob twice above the diamonds once placed
  • You’ll exit the close-up; tap the knob again to open the door
  • Tap the open doorway to make the white square and exit appear

Level 3: The Uncle, Summer 1860 – James
Location: The front den, with the clock and fireplace

    • Tap the picture behind the cobweb to enter a close-up


    • Tap the picture a few times to peel back the canvas; this reveals a sketch of different jars and some odd symbols near tree roots
    • Take the KEY from the top of the frame and exit the picture


    • Drag right until you see James, a fireplace, and a set of drawers
    • If you tap James and his head you’ll see he wants a fire
    • Tap the drawers; open the second drawer and pick up MATCHES


    • Use KEY on the bottom drawer; take HATCHET
    • Exit and drag left again; tap on the stump on the floor


    • Use HATCHET on the stump to cut it; tap the pile to get WOOD
    • Exit and drag right, back to the fireplace. Put WOOD in the fireplace
    • Use MATCHES on the wood in the fireplace.


    • Take KEY (2) from the now-lit fireplace
    • Exit and drag left; tap on the boarded-up window
    • Use KEY (2) on the lock over these boards. The shutter will open, revealing bloody handprints along the window


    • The handprints are in a specific pattern: take note of these (top row, upper right; third row middle, fifth row left, and bottom row right)
    • Exit the window and tap on the wooden dresser on the far left


    • Enter the pattern you just saw on the window by tapping the same squares and making them dark brown where the handprints were– top row upper right, third row middle, fifth row left, bottom row right
    • You’ll hear a click when it’s inputted correctly; tap the door to open it and reveal a golden pocket watch
    • Tap to zoom in; tap again to open the watch


    • If you tap the watch face it moves to 8:25. If you tap again it simply revolves and returns to this time. Exit the watch.
    • Tap on the grandfather clock, then tap on its face to zoom in


    • Change the time to 8:25 to match the watch by dragging the hands. Drag the minute hand to the V and the smaller hour hand to the VIII
    • When correct, sunlight will appear behind the clock
    • Exit this close-up and tap on the clock’s door
    • Tap three times until the clock comes apart; there is a body inside
    • Tap the body so it falls out of the clock then tap on it to zoom in


    • There is an arrow pointing to his left nipple; tap on this to zoom in
    • Tap the nipple four times until it opens, revealing a red vein/root system inside
    • Tap on this to zoom in; keep tapping until you see a heart floating in the middle of the screen (should take four taps until you can reach it)


    • Tap the heart to get HEART
    • Keep tapping forward until you eventually exit the mouth and are back in the den
    • Tap the jar of water above the watch


  • Place HEART in the jar; tap the heart in the jar to make the white square and exit appear
  • Upon finishing this level you’ll open up the challenge menu of “Collect all 10 Sacrifices” which contains the heart, a foot, two eyes, teeth, etc.

Level 4: Finding Love, Summer 1865 – James and Mary
Location: Front yard, on the bench

    • Tap the flower vase to zoom in; tap the flower to get ROSE. Exit close-up
    • Tap on the crow; tap him to get FEATHER; exit
    • Tap on James to zoom in on the couple
    • Tap his shirt pocket to get HANKY


    • Give ROSE to Mary. Tap on her so she smells it; tap again to move the rose back. Her nose will bleed
    • Use HANKY on her bloody face to get HANKY WITH BLOOD
    • Tap on the card in James’ hand to zoom in
    • It’s currently blank; use HANKY WITH BLOOD on the card to dot some blood on the corner
    • Use FEATHER on the card to place it in James’ hand
    • Tap his hand to dip the feather in the blood/ink


    • Tap his hand again and he will write “Will you marry me?” in blood on the card
    • Tap the card to get LOVE NOTE; zoom out
    • Give LOVE NOTE to Mary


    • She sidles next to James, revealing a worm on the bench behind her
    • Take the WORM; return to the crow
    • Use WORM on the crow; he eats it
    • Tap him and he flies away


    • Take the KEY hanging from the branch he was just standing on
    • Exit the tree; tap on the cabinet near the red vase
    • Use KEY on the cabinet lock; tap the door to open it


    • There is a severed hand nailed inside; tap the ring so it falls off the finger
    • Take RING; return to James and Mary


  • Give Mary RING (you may need to tap her twice while giving it if she is still holding the proposal card)
  • Tap her face twice to make the white square and exit appear

Level 5: Childbirth, Spring 1867 – Mary
Location: nursery

    • Tap on the cribs to get an overhead view


    • Take TAP from the center crib; exit the cribs
    • Drag screen right; tap on the chest to zoom in


    • Take MORTAR and SPOON
    • Open the second drawer and take SCISSORS


    • Examine the birth announcement cards on the dresser; they list three different children with a face, a color, and a symbol. Note these: Emma has two hairs sticking up and one laying down, blue, and flowers. Samuel has no hair, white, and a clock shortly after two o’clock. Albert has a birthmark on his forehead, red, and a mask. Exit the close-up and the drawers


    • Tap the table with the plant and barrel; use the TAP on the hole on the left side of the barrel
    • Use SCISSORS on the plant to get PLANT
    • Exit and return to the drawers


    • Use PLANT on the pestle on the drawers; use MORTAR on this to grind the plant
    • Use SPOON on the ground plant to get SPOON WITH BIRTH POTION
    • Exit the close-up; return to Mary
    • Give her SPOON WITH BIRTH POTION. Tap on her and she pulls her skirt up


    • Tap on her again and she gives birth; use SCISSORS on the umbilical cord then tap the baby to send it to a crib
    • Tap Mary again; cut the cord again and tap the second baby
    • Tap Mary again; cut the cord a third time and tap the third baby
    • Tap Mary again and take the PLACENTA that falls out
    • Exit and go to the dog


    • Give the dog PLACENTA. She eats it and falls asleep. Take KEY from around her neck
    • Return to the cabinet above the baby cribs and tap it to enter a close-up


    • Use KEY on the cabinet; tap to open it and tap on each BOTTLE to take them


    • Tap on Mary and then give her a BOTTLE. Tap her again and she fills it with milk. Tap the full bottle to get BOTTLE WITH MILK


    • Move to the window; tap to enter a close-up and tap to open it. Use one of the empty bottles on the open window to get BOTTLE WITH WATER


    • Move back to the barrel. Use the last empty bottle on the tap to set it beneath it; turn the tap on and take the filled bottle to get BOTTLE WITH WINE
    • Return to the cribs and tap on them to enter a close-up. Remember the birth announcement cards on the dresser? Give each baby the correct bottle: the bald baby on the left wants BOTTLE WITH MILK. The baby with some hair in the center wants BOTTLE WITH WATER. The baby on the right with the birthmark wants BOTTLE WITH WINE


  • After each baby has the correct bottle, the white square and exit appears over the center child

Level 6: The Staircase, Summer 1870 – James
Location: The study

    • Drag right; tap the picture to James’ upper-right. Tap the canvas to peel it away and reveal symbols underneath


    • These symbols show an arrow pointing down, then a moon directly underneath, a triangle with a line through it to the right, and another triangle with a line through it on the bottom-left. Exit this picture


    • Tap James and then the book he is reading. There are more symbols here; take note of their location, then exit


    • Tap the paper on the table under the window. There are more symbols here; between the three pages you should have all nine symbols
    • Tap the wooden face of the bookshelf to zoom in on a set of blocks. The same triangle with a line through it is displayed here
    • Slide the squares so they match what we just saw on all three pages: the arrow on the right is your method of orientation for all the pages. If you turn your device sideways the arrow will be in the same location. Slide the square just beneath (or to the left of the arrow if you don’t turn your device) so it’s a moon, the one to the left of this so it’s a circle with a dot, etc.


    • The symbols should match the image above. When all symbols are correct, the bookshelf door will open
    • Take the BINOCULARS from the open door
    • Tap on the window; tap it again to open it


    • Use BINOCULARS on the open window. Tap on the glowing pair of windows


    • You’ll see the shadows of Rabbit, Pigeon, Boar, and Crow


    • Exit and tap on the other glowing window to the right; here you’ll see Deer and Pheasant. Exit the window altogether.
    • Go to the bookcase and tap on the center shelf to zoom in on the animal statues. Arrange them as you just saw them in the hotel windows: Rabbit (gray), Pigeon (silver), Boar (red), Crow (black), Deer (brown), and Pheasant (yellow)


    • When arranged correctly, the token to the right will move down and you won’t be able to move them anymore.
    • While here, let’s adjust the top shelf. The books here need to create a connected path: the leftmost book should be the beige one with a single straight vertical line and a horizontal line coming off it heading right. The rightmost book is a gray one with a vertical line with two horizontal lines heading left


    • The image above has the correct final version of the books on the top shelf
    • Exit and then re-enter the bookshelf by tapping on the bottom shelf. Again, you need to arrange these books in the right order. There are hints on the spine labels because symbols halves need to go next to each other – so the two halves of the square should be touching to form a full square. And the colors also flow, so a book with a red left half should be touching a book with a red right half
    • The rightmost book is the brown text with the cross on it and the leftmost is the book with a red left half, white right half, and left part of a square drawn on it


    • The final arrangement is in the image above
    • Once finished, all three tokens will be in the downward position and when you exit the bookshelf it will slide away, revealing a cavern behind it


  • Tap on the cavern to enter; tap on the stairs to head down. Keep heading down until you see another doorway; tap it to reveal the white square and exit

Level 7: The Elixir, Summer 1870 – James
Location: Underground room below the study

    • Tap the picture to James’ left: this displays various weights and a diagram about the vase


    • We know that the bottle with a “+” is 1 lb, the bottle with “.” is 2 lbs, and the vase responds to liquid from bottles in this order: 3 lb + 4 lb + 4 lb + 5 lb
    • Exit the picture and tap on the scale
    • We need to figure out the weights of each bottle on the table so we know what order to fill the vase


  • If you drag the “+” and “.” bottles onto the scale across from the “~” bottle, you’ll learn it’s 3 lbs because they are even (1 + 2 = 3)
  • If you put the “~” and “.” Across from the “o” bottle, they’re even, so the “o” is 5 lbs (3 + 2).
    And the “x” bottle weighs the same as the “~” and “+” so it’s 4 lbs (3 + 1).
  • So, + = 1, . = 2, ~ = 3, x = 4, and o = 5. You now need to drag the correct bottles onto the vase in order: 3 + 4 + 4 + 5
  • RustyLakeRoots_Walkthrough_070
  • Drag the ~ bottle onto the vase so a drop appears; then the x bottle, then the x bottle again, and finally the o bottle. The sunlight should flash to indicate it’s correct. Tap on the vase to get ELIXIR. Exit the close-up
  • RustyLakeRoots_Walkthrough_071
  • Drag the screen right to the dog. Tap her to zoom in; use ELIXIR on her water dish. Tap the dish twice so she drinks and then stands back up
  • RustyLakeRoots_Walkthrough_072
  • Return to James and tap to zoom in. Give him ELIXIR. Tap him again and he’ll fill a cup and drink. Tap again; he chokes and falls over; tap again and he falls out of the close-up. Zoom out
  • RustyLakeRoots_Walkthrough_073
  • Tap James’ body on the ground to zoom in; tap the shot glass to make the white square and exit appear

Level 8: The Wake, Summer 1870 – James
Location: The parlor near the statue

  • Tap on the wooden end table near the coffin. Tap the medallion behind the jar to get COIN
  • Use the dials on the table to move the three rows of symbols; the image you can create is of a deer with tree roots to its right


  • When finished, tap the door to open it; take COIN (2)


  • Exit the dresser. Tap on the coffin and tap the lid to open it


  • Tap on James’ hands to zoom in. He is wearing five rings and has a small tattoo showing the three blue rings arranged triangle-square-triangle. You need to tap his fingers to move the rings to the correct finger so the blue diamonds match his tattoo (and are on that finger). The two silver rings will end up out of the way on his ring finger


  • We moved the blue diamond from his ring finger to his middle finger, then the two silver rings to his ring finger. Then the bottom blue diamond to his index finger, the top blue diamond to his ring finger, the square to his index. Then move the top diamond back to his index.


  • When completed, tap his hand to move it aside. His other hand has a similar, but slightly harder, puzzle.
  • Basically you just have to keep moving the rings around until they’re ordered properly; each finger can only hold three rings and only his index, middle, and ring fingers can be used. Aim for getting the silver rings on his ring finger and then swap the diamonds around (moving silver rings back if needed) until they’re in the correct order on his index finger.


  • Once the second hand has the green diamonds arranged on his index finger (the silver rings can be in any order on the other two fingers), tap his hand to move it away; take the EYE from underneath, then exit


  • Tap James’ face; use COIN on one eye and COIN (2) on his other eye. Tap his mouth twice and take EYE (2). Exit the coffin
  • Drag right until you reach the pile of broken statue pieces. Tap them to zoom in


  • You want to put the statue back together. The bottom left corner, with the X on it, does not move and will be your cornerstone


  • The pieces snap together when placed properly, so if you drag something and it moves back to its starting location, you probably did not put it in the right spot


  • Some pieces are easier to fit in after you have something for them to stick to – for instance, you could build a bit of a frame / base before setting the center pedestal pieces


  • Once all the pieces are in place, the statue snaps together; tap on its face to zoom in
  • Use EYE and EYE (2) on its eye sockets


  • Zoom out. A door appears in the base; tap this to reveal and retrieve KNIFE
  • Exit the statue and return to the coffin. Tap on it and then James’ face to zoom in


  • Use KNIFE on his tongue to get TONGUE. Exit the coffin


  • Tap on the jar on the end table; use TONGUE on the jar. Tap the tongue in the jar to get the white square and exit. The tongue of James Vanderboom will be added to your “10 sacrifices” list. James’ tree branch ends here

Level 9: Child’s Play, Spring 1876 – Albert, Emma, Samuel
Location: Front yard, near the tree

    • Tap on Emma. Tap the end of her hair ribbon hanging over her forehead three times until you receive ELASTIC RIBBON


    • Tap the beehive next to the kids to get HONEY
    • Tap the small branch a few feet under the beehive three times until you get TWIG
    • Exit the close-up; tap the pots behind the kids near the fence


    • Tap the item behind the right pot to get POT COVER
    • Tap the left pot to get MARBLES; exit the close-up
    • Tap on the leftmost child (Samuel) and give him TWIG
    • Give him ELASTIC RIBBON. He forms a slingshot
    • Give him MARBLES. He puts a marble in the slingshot


    • Tap Samuel and he pulls back. On the zoomed out shot, tap on the butterfly. Samuel shoots it and it flies off the tree
    • The butterfly lands on Emma’s head. Tap on Emma/Albert
    • Use HONEY on Emma to place it in the jar


    • Tap the butterfly and it flutters down into the jar and honey
    • Use POT COVER on the jar that now contains the butterfly
    • Emma places the cover over the jar; tap her to close the lid
    • Tap Albert; he swats at Emma who swats back. Keep tapping him (two taps) until Emma knocks him over. Zoom out


    • Tap on Samuel again; he pulls another marble back. Tap the beehive in the tree to shoot it
    • Tap on Samuel and then the beehive again; do this until the beehive falls onto Albert’s head (again, should only take two taps)


    • Tap on Albert now with the beehive on his head. The sky will turn dark. Tap again and a shadow of Mr. Crow will appear behind the children


  • Tap on Mr. Crow to zoom in; tap on him three times to listen to all of his dialogue. When he’s finished speaking a white square appears on his face; tap to exit

Level 10: Fertility, Spring 1884 – Emma
Location: Front yard near the tree

    • Drag right; tap the tree next to Emma


    • Tap the tool to get GARDEN WEASEL. Exit the close-up


    • Drag left again and tap on the yellow planter by the fence. There are four flowers here with numbers: an orange flower I, red II, purple III, blue IV. Exit the close-up


    • Tap the flower pots in front of the planter to zoom in. There is a white flower on the left with a bee hovering over it, then a blue, red, and yellow flower behind
    • We need to use the bee to carry the essence of the blue, yellow, and red plants onto the white plant. The order you combine essences will determine what type of flower you get
    • To create flower I from the yellow planter, move the bee to the yellow flower then back to the white flower. Make sure the bee hovers over the yellow flower briefly before moving back to white—you’ll know it’s ready when it’s holding a yellow orb in its feet


    • Then move the bee to the red flower and then back to the white pot. You’ll have an orange flower that’s the wrong shape
    • Move to red again and back to white (which is now orange). The flower is now the correct color and shape but it needs the right petals


    • Finally, move to the green stalk (the fifth pot) and then back to the white pot. Tap the final creation to get FLOWER (I) and the fourth pot will sprout a new, thorny green stem
    • Note: If you make a mistake while creating the flower you can use the GARDEN WEASEL on the white pot to reset it to base white


    • To make flower II, use the bee to carry over red, then blue, then red, and finally the thorny stalk. Remember to carry the colors in the order listed, or you’ll get a different flower. After you pick it up a long stalk will appear in the sixth pot
    • To make flower III, combine red, blue, blue, the normal stalk (pot five) and the long stalk (pot six). The final large-leafed stalk will appear in the seventh pot


    • To make flower IV, combine yellow, blue, and blue and then the final, large-leafed stalk.
      You should now have FLOWERs (I, II, III, and IV). Zoom out and tap on Emma


    • Give her the flowers in order – I (orange), II (red), III (purple), IV (blue). She’ll add them to her pot


    • Once all four flowers are placed, tap the pot bouquet: a single flower with a glowing white light appears


  • Tap the glowing flower; it bursts apart into a series of lights. Tap Emma and the lights fly under her skirt
  • Tap her again and she holds her stomach as if pregnant. Tap her one more time to make the white square and exit appear

Level 11: The Swing, Fall 1891 – Albert, Frank
Location: Front yard, near the tree and well

    • Tap Albert to zoom in. Tap his pocket to get KNIFE


    • Zoom out; tap the pumpkin. Use KNIFE on the pumpkin to carve it; tap it to get PUMPKIN MASK
    • Zoom out; tap on Albert again. Give him PUMPKIN MASK


    • Tap him after he’s wearing the mask; he’ll hold a key up in his hand. Take KEY
    • Zoom out; tap the cabinet near the fence. Tap the yellow item behind the cabinet to get TEDDY ARM


    • Use KEY on the cabinet lock to open it. Tap to open the doors; take TEDDY HEAD


    • Zoom out; tap on the teddy bear body near the well. Use TEDDY HEAD and TEDDY ARM on it. Tap the completed bear to get TEDDY BEAR


    • Zoom out. Drag over to Frank on the swing. Give him TEDDY BEAR


    • Now that Frank has his bear, swing him on the swing: drag him all the way up to the right, pulling back as far as you can. Let go once he’s at the top of the trajectory
    • He should swing down and then fly off the swing; zoom out. Tap on the fallen bear to get TEDDY BEAR again
    • Frank is hanging from the bar of the well. Tap on him


  • Give Frank TEDDY BEAR
  • Tap on Albert. He spins the well bar; Frank falls off and into the well. (Keep tapping Albert if Frank doesn’t fall off the first time.) Tap Albert again; he white square and exit appears

Level 12: The Search, Fall 1891 – Emma
Location: Upstairs bedroom near the balcony and shrine

    • Tap the wooden shelf left of the window. There is a code here: “B + C + D – A = “


    • Tap the paper peeking out behind the shelf to get PIECE OF PAPER


    • Leave this close-up. Tap on the shrine on the floor. Tap the paper behind it to get PIECE OF PAPER (2)
    • Tap the orange bottle to get INK. Exit the shrine


    • Drag right and tap the picture on the far right wall to zoom in. Tap the paper here to get PIECE OF PAPER (3). Zoom out
    • Drag left and tap the table near the shrine. Use all three PIECEs OF PAPER on this table


    • Arrange the six pieces to form a drawing of the Rusty Lake area as shown above. To actually get the pieces to snap together as a whole, make sure they’re within the two corner drawings on the table


    • When put together the drawing shows the windmill as A, a spot to the upper left of the hotel as B (with 62 above it), a tree above the bridge as C, and a spot in the middle of the roof of the church as D
    • Exit this close-up. Tap on the window to open it


    • Tap on Emma to zoom in; tap her telescope. We need to find the coordinates of the spots shown on the drawing we just completed


    • A, the top of the windmill, is located at “00 04”


    • B, the upper left of the hotel, is “60 02” Note: when you land on this point, sunlight will flash and Harvey the bird will land on the railing outside the window. You can continue looking at coordinates


    • C, the tree above the bridge, is “30 05”


    • D, the spot in the middle of the church’s roof, is “30 03”
    • Exit the telescope. From the drawing, which told us B = 62, we know that the letters correspond to their numbers as added. So B = 60 + 02 (62). A = 00 + 04 (4). C = 30 + 05 (35). And D = 30 + 03 (33)
    • Return to the wooden shelf above the table. The equation is B + C + D – A, so 62 + 35 + 33 – 4 which is 126


    • Input 126 by dragging the number tiles to match this, then tap on the shelf to open it. Take STAMP. Exit the shelf
    • Drag right and tap on the table right of Emma


    • Use INK on the bowl in the corner
    • Use STAMP on the bowl of ink to get STAMP WITH INK
    • Use STAMP WITH INK on the letter


    • Tap the letter five times to roll it up and stick it in the metal tube. Tap the lid of the tube to close it, then tap the finished product to get TUBE
    • Exit the table and drag left back to the railing. Tap on Harvey


  • Use TUBE on Harvey’s neck to attach the letter to his ribbon
  • Tap on Harvey twice to make the white square and exit appear

Level 13: The Painting, Summer 1896 – Emma
Location: Yard near the tree

    • Tap on the plant on the far left to zoom in


    • Take the SHELL sticking out behind the pot. Tap the plant to get TUMERIC. Zoom back out
    • Tap the row of potted flowers. Take the KEY under the rightmost pot


    • While you’re here, take a note of the flowers and their colors. Remember the shape of the flowers. Zoom back out
    • Drag right and tap the cabinet in the background


    • Take the PAINTBRUSH leaning against the cabinet
    • Use KEY on the lock. Tap the unlocked cabinet to open it. Take BOTTLE. Zoom out


    • Tap on the tree. Take the red BERRIES
    • Tap on the hole in the trunk. A yellow sap will ooze out. Use BOTTLE on the sap to get OIL. Zoom out
    • Tap on the table. Take MORTAR


    • Place BERRIES in the pestle. Use MORTAR on the berries to crush them
    • Use OIL on the crushed berries. Tap the result to get RED PAINT
    • We’re going to do the exact same thing two more times, with the TUMERIC and SHELL:
    • Use TUMERIC on the pestle. Use MORTAR on the turmeric to crush it
    • Use OIL on the crushed turmeric. Tap the result to get YELLOW PAINT
    • Use SHELL on the pestle. Use MORTAR to crush it
    • Use OIL on the crushed shell. Tap to get WHITE PAINT. Exit this close-up
    • Drag left and tap on the unpainted canvas
    • The canvas is a paint-by-numbers, but with flowers instead of numbers. You should paint the areas to match the potted flowers we looked at earlier


    • First, tap your WHITE PAINT, then tap the palette to add it. Do the same with RED PAINT and YELLOW PAINT. You should now have five colors available: these three, plus the black and orange that were already on the palette


    • Use PAINTBRUSH on the orange paint. Paint the tree on the left with the star-shaped flower orange: rub your finger inside the lines until it’s mostly filled in. When you lift your finger, the rest of the area should fill in automatically


    • Use PAINTBRUSH on the black paint. Use this on the tulip-shaped flower items: the woman shape in the middle and the other human-esque shape to its right


    • Use PAINTBRUSH on the yellow paint. Paint the ground with the round five-petal flower yellow


    • Use PAINTBRUSH on the white paint. Paint the house with the pointy flower white


    • Finally, use PAINTBRUSH on the red paint. Paint the sun red
    • Once all the areas are painted correctly, the painting will throb. Exit the close-up


  • Drag right to find Emma has hung herself. Tap on her body twice to zoom in, then tap on her tears to create the white square and exit. The tears are added to your list of sacrifices

Level 14: The Well Pt. 1, Fall 1920 – Frank
Location: Inside the well

    • Tap on the teddy bear in the corner. Tap the stone next to it to get SHARP ROCK
    • Tap the bear’s head to pull it off and reveal a string. Tap it to get WIRE. Zoom out


    • Tap the bars in the center of the room. Tap the bars and a hand will appear with berries. If you try to grab them, the hand moves back


    • Use SHARP ROCK on the hand to stab it and take the BERRIES. Zoom out
    • Tap on Frank. Give Frank BERRIES. Tap him again and he’ll eat them
    • Tap the berries’ leftover stem to get TWIG. Zoom out


    • Tap the paper airplane on the ground. Once it’s in the air, tap again to send it higher. Keep tapping until it goes up and out of the well (should take about six or seven taps). A bucket will drop down


    • Examine the writing on the wall above Frank. It has symbols for water, food, and wooden stick. Exit the wall
    • Tap on the bucket. Tap on WIRE in your inventory and then the ground next to the bucket to place it on the ground. Tap on TWIG to place it as well


    • Drag the y-shaped twig to the left side of the bucket. Drag TWIG to the right side of the bucket. Zoom out and the bucket will go up then come back down


    • Tap the bucket again; tap the cup to get CUP WITH LIQUID


    • Drag the items out of the bucket. Drag WIRE into the left side of the bucket. Drag the Y-shaped stick to its right. Then zoom out


    • The bucket goes up then comes back down. Tap it again and there will be a fish inside. Take it to get GRILLED FISH
    • Return to Frank. Give him CUP WITH LIQUID. Tap on his so he drinks. Tap again and he gets rid of the cup


    • Give Frank GRILLED FISH. Tap him so he eats, tap again so he holds up the fishbone. Take FISH BONE


    • Return to the bucket. Tap FISH BONE so it is on the ground, then drag it to the left side of the bucket. Drag the y-shaped stick to the right side. Drag the TWIG on top of the y-shaped stick


    • Zoom out then tap on the bucket when it returns. Take WOODEN STICK
    • Give WOODEN STICK to Frank. Tap on Frank again and he leans near the grate in the wall


  • Tap Frank four times; he will slowly crawl over to the bucket and sit in it
  • Tap Frank to make the white square and exit appear

Level 15: The Bathroom, Winter 1920 – Frank
Location: Upstairs bathroom

    • Tap the mirror to zoom in. Tap it and a shadow will appear


    • Tap it a few more times to break the glass and reveal a key; take KEY. Zoom out


    • Tap the wooden chest. Open the top drawer and take MATCHES
    • Use KEY on the second drawer to open it; take COAL
    • Zoom out. Drag screen right. Tap the furnace to zoom in


    • Open the bottom door. Use COAL on this door; then use MATCHES on the COAL, and then close the door
    • Take the metal BUCKET off the top of the furnace


    • Drag left, back to the sink. Tap on it; put BUCKET on the sink
    • Turn the faucet on, then tap the bucket to get BUCKET WITH WATER


    • Zoom out. Tap the left window. Tap the window to close it


    • On the right window, drag the wooden beams so they cover the holes in the glass. The bottom beam going up diagonally right should be at the top; the beam that’s straight across should go at the bottom; the beam that’s slanted slightly down-right should be in the middle


    • Return to the furnace; put BUCKET WITH WATER back on top of the furnace and tap the switches just below so they are all up (hitting one switch moves them all)
    • Remove the bucket to get BUCKET WITH HOT WATER
    • Go to Frank; tap on him to zoom in. Use BUCKET WITH HOT WATER on him to pour it in the tub


    • Tap on Frank; if he thinks about the thermostat, zoom out, then zoom back in. Frank should now be warmed up; tap him and he’ll hold up a key. Take KEY (2)
    • Note: if for some reason Frank keeps thinking about the thermostat, double-check its status on the wall. If it’s not all the way up, make sure the window is closed and the boards are covering the holes and that the furnace is still on
    • Return to the end table. Use KEY (2) on the bottom drawer. Take SCISSORS


    • Return to Frank. Use SCISSORS on Frank until you receive HAIR
    • Fun note: you can keep cutting Frank’s hair until it’s super short, or leave it slightly long. It only takes about four cuts to get HAIR but you can cut his hair up to eight times. Whatever you do, Frank’s hair will be short and he’ll be clean-shaven in the next level


  • Zoom out and go to the jar on the table to Frank’s right. Use HAIR on the jar
  • Tap the hair in the jar to reveal the white square and exit. Frank’s hair is added to your list of sacrifices

Level 16: The Stars, Winter 1930 – Frank
Location: Attic near the telescope

    • Tap the table left of Frank


    • Take BIRD FOOD and CARD. Zoom out
    • Tap the window to his right. Tap it to open the window


    • Zoom out; tap the picture to the right of the window. Take CARD (2) that’s stuck behind the frame. Note the constellation-like map drawn on the picture of Frank and Emma
    • Zoom out; tap the right-most window. Tap the window to open it. Use BIRD FOOD on the golden feeder


    • Zoom out; zoom back in and Harvey is at the window. Tap him to zoom in on the tube around his neck. Tap it twice to receive LETTER


    • Zoom out; tap the picture to the right of Harvey’s window. Take CARD (3) from behind the frame. Notice the constellation drawing on this image as well
    • Tap the picture twice and it falls off the wall


    • Tap this white stone circle to zoom in. The goal of this puzzle is to connect the center circle (which is unmovable) with the small vertical line in the bottom of the outer ring (also unmovable) which is visible at 6 o’clock, if this were a clock face. You must rotate the other rings to create an unbroken line between these two immovable lines


    • The image above shows the correct solution behind the ladder. The line creates almost gear-like shapes along the disc, and not every line is used
    • Once connected, a ladder drops down. Go up the ladder to the attic


    • Tap on the telescope. There is a card next to the lens that matches your other three
    • Tap your CARDs and place them next to the telescope as well. You can now tap them and zoom in to see what the constellations look like and represent: Tree, Crow, Deer, and Cube.
    • You need to find matching stars and draw the constellations on the telescope screen. Draw between two stars to make a line connecting them. To remove a line you’ve drawn, just tap it


    • The first constellation, Tree, is at the leftmost part of the telescope, so use the scroller to move all the way to the left. Then, draw lines to match the Tree. The leftmost star is the center-left branch of Tree


    • Cube is right next to Tree. Its left front corner is the star closest to Tree’s upper branches


    • The next constellation, Crow, is on the far right end. So use the scroller to move all the way to the right and then the bottom-rightmost star is the far right end of Crow
    • Deer is the hardest as it’s a bit sideways compared to its card. We recommend completing the other three constellations first; once you’ve done the other three, the remaining stars are all for Deer. His dangling foot hangs down near Cube


    • When all four constellations are complete, a new star field will appear. This one has no associated cards; you need to recreate the constellation you saw on the drawing of Emma and Frank


    • Move to the center cluster of stars (so the pointer is near the center of the wheel) and draw two 7 symbols, then the last line should go straight out to the right
    • When completed, your mother will appear and tell you to read her letter


    • After she vanishes, draw the constellation from the painting of the top-hatted man. It uses the same cluster of stars as Emma but in more of a large “2” formation


    • When finished, Mr. Crow appears and speaks to you: he tells you to make sure the children find all the timepieces to bring the branches back together


    • A series of circles will appear. Tap anywhere; the telescope’s lens will become loose; tap it to get LENS. Zoom out
    • Go back downstairs and tap on Frank. Use LETTER on Frank, then tap on it so he reads it


    • Frank holds the letter up. Use LENS on the letter. Align the “v” on top of the “v” in “have.” The lens will circle “l, o, v, e” in that order. Exit this close-up


    • Tap on the table left of Frank. Slide the letter tiles to spell “love” then tap on the metal latch to unlock it. Tap again to open the box
    • Note: the lens technically circles both the “l” and “o”, meaning it spells either “love” or “oove.” Both codes will work on the box


  • Take the TIMEPIECE from the box
  • Tap on Frank. Use TIMEPIECE on Frank; he puts it around his neck. Tap the TIMEPIECE and the white square and exit appears. This ends Emma/Frank’s branch of the tree

The remaining 17 levels of Rusty Lake: roots will be added to the walkthrough soon.

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