[Mega Mod] Blitz Brigade – Online FPS fun v1.8.2b Apk Data

What’s New  Blitz Brigade – Online FPS fun v1.8.2b
Charge more fiercely into battle with the new Resist System and watch your enemies fire with futility!
• Resist System: Spend Skill Points to boost your defenses from 7 different damage types.
• More Guns: Lock & load with a new arsenal of destruction, including the shield-sapping EMP Grenade.
• New Weapon Bundle: Get a bunch of new guns in one shot.
• Controller Support: Take total control of the battlefield using a Standard, Form-fitting, or Extended controller.

Hacks: Zahir_Sher
1. Infinite Ammo
2. No Reload
3. Rapid Fire
4. Wall Hack (Shoot through walls, not walk through them)
5. Time to Kill is Increased
6. 1 Hit Kill
7. 100% Critial Rate
8. Increased Shooting Range

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Blitz Brigade – Online FPS fun v1.8.2b Apk
Blitz Brigade – Online FPS fun v1.8.2b Data
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