Install A310FXXU1AOL7 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310F

A310FXXU1AOL7 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop official firmware for
Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310F is out and the users can now manually download the firmware zip file from here at
NasirTech. Samsung time to time releasing software update for all their Android
Smartphone and tablet devices and it is always recommended to update the latest
available firmware for your device as with every new firmware version Samsung introduces fixes
for bugs (if any), improvement in overall OS performance and sometime introduces
new features. Continue reading this page to find A310FXXU1AOL7 download
link along with flashing instructions and rooting guide (if available).

A310FXXU1AOL7 Firmware Details:

Model: SM-A310F
Model Name: Samsung Galaxy A3 2016
Version: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

A310FXXU1AOL7 Download Link (s):

Note that: you can flash/install any firmware from the below list if the firmware for your country is not available, except those firmware comes with their carrier name.



Kenya (Zein): A310FXXU1AOL7_A310FOJV1AOL2_DKR




United Arab Emirates: A310FXXU1AOL7_A310FOJV1AOL2_XSG

Saudi Arabia: A310FXXU1AOL7_A310FOJV1AOL2_KSA




Netherlands: A310FXXU1AOL7_A310FPHN1AOL2_PHN

Switzerland: A310FXXU1AOL7_A310FAUT1AOL2_AUT

(Firmware for rest of the countries and carrier will be added here when available)

A310FXXU1AOL7 Installation Methods:

How to Update Official Firmware on Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310F via OTA (Over the Air):

  1. Turn on WiFi or Mobile Data on your device (should have stable Internet connection)
  2. Go to Settings-About, and tap on the Update Option from there (If its show “The latest update have already been installed” message, then your device haven’t receive any OTA yet, check back later or try installing through Kies.)
  3. Tap OK to start the download and installation process
  4. Once done, your device will reboot automatically

How to Update Official Firmware on Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310F through Samsung Kies Utility:

  1. Turn on WiFi or Mobile Data on your device (should have stable Internet connection)
  2. Download and Install Samsung Kies Utility on your PC
  3. Connect your device to PC through USB
  4. Open/Run Samsung Kies, it should automatically detect your device
  5. At the Samsung Kies home screen, you’ll see New Firmware Upgrade is available notification (If it show- “This is the last firmware”, then your device haven’t received the latest firmware on Kies, check back later or try flashing manually through Odin)
  6. Click on the Firmware Upgrade button to start the update process
  7. Follow onscreen instructions
  8. Once done, your device will be reboot automatically
  9. After reboot, you can disconnect your device from PC

How to Update A310FXXU1AOL7 Firmware on Galaxy A3 2016 A310F through Odin:

Kies and OTA are the official way to update firmware but most of us prefer manual way
to update official firmware. So, below you’ll find step by step manual
guide to update the XXU1AOL7 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware on your Galaxy A3 2016 A310F
through Odin software on your PC or Laptop.

Points to be noted:

5) If your Galaxy A3 2016 A310F have any Custom ROM installed such as- CyanogenMod ROM, ParanoidAndroid ROM, AOKP ROM, SLIM ROM, PACman ROM, Avatar ROM, Omni ROM, LiquidSmooth ROM, Beanstalk ROM, Carbon ROM etc, then it’ll be replaced by stock firmware.

Steps to update A310FXXU1AOL7 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware on Galaxy A3 2016 A310F through Odin: 

Hope you successfully completed the update process. If you followed everything as mentioned in the above tutorial, then your device should now running on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop build version number XXU1AOL7. You can verify the firmware update details from Settings-About Phone.


Stuck at boot animation screen? Fix Bootloop on Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310F

If anything goes wrong, your device may stuck at booting animation. If your Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310F stuck at boot animation screen for more than 10 minutes, then follow these instructions:

  • Go to Recovery Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Up+Home+Power buttons together.
  • Now, perform Wipe Data/Factory Reset and Wipe Cache Partition task before selecting the reboot system now option. In Recovery Mode use the Volume keys to navigate between options and Power key to select any option.

Root A310FXXU1AOL7 5.1.1 Lollipop Firmware: 

How to Root A310FXXU1AOL7 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Firmware

If you are looking for anything else related to the above firmware, then mention in comment below.

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