Freedom Apk v1.0.7k

Freedom Apk v1.0.7k

Galera was surfing the internet and found this AMAZING App.
As one after time existed or exists (not sure) an app for iOS that mocked purchases within apps or games, those items you pay with real money within the app / game (this app was widely used and disclosed, left even in G1)
The same developer of this app created a version of the app for android, is it I’m going to show you today.


1 – Install and Open Apk with active internet;
2 – Grant access Superuser (root) and wait for the app to recognize your games / applications;
3 – In the list that appears, open the game / application in which you want to purchase;
4 – Buy and be happy !!
Recalling that the Play Store will not work with Active Freedom.
To stop it is just going to press menu and Stop.

BUT as not all flowers, this week my Freedom (Felipe Santos) stopped working, and decided to go back to the tutorial Market Unlocker is that simple !! : D
If your Freedom to appear “not apps available in your country”, or any other error related to country, follow the instructions of the images below:




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