Fix Pokemon Go “GPS not Found” Error in Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Fix GPS signal not found error in Pokemon Go: Pokémon Go is the most recent app of the Pokemon franchise developed by Niantic and The Pokémon Company. It is an augmented reality game that uses a GPS and a strong internet connection to operate. It supports both Android and iOS. Since it was released, Pokemon Go has become a huge hit. Probably because the Pokemon’s cartoon tv series was hugely popular too in the 90s. Now that it is back in the form of a game, people have given it an overwhelming welcome making its creators billionaires within a few weeks.

Fix Pokemon Go -GPS not FoundPokemon Go uses the GPS of your phone to know your location as the pokemon’s you find will be according to your area. If you are around water, you will find water Pokemons. If you are in hotter areas, you might find fire pokemons and so on. So, basically you have to walk around to find more and more pokemons.

These days the game’s server is becoming weak and creating problems for the users. Many people are facing an error message saying “GPS Not Found” when they open the app even if their GPS is on. But, the game will not work if the GPS is not working. So in this article, we will show you how you can fix this error by following some simple steps.

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The GPS of most of the phones is kept switched off by default to save your battery as GPS takes up lots of battery life. The steps given below will help you to properly switch it on so that it can track your exact location.

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Fix Pokemon Go GPS Not Found on Android Smartphone/Tablet

1. Go to the app drawer and the to the Settings option.
2. Scroll down and go to the option Privacy/ Privacy and Safety/ Safety and Emergency.
3. Go to Location and switch it on.
4. Then go to Location Mode or Location Method and switch on the High Accuracy mode. This may also be known as GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks.
5. Keep both of your Wi-Fi and data connection on while you play the game.

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Fix Pokemon Go GPS Not Found on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

1. Go to Settings.
2. Select the option Privacy.
3. Go to Location Services and switch the Location Services option on.
4. Make sure Pokemon Go has the location access permission.
5. Set the location access permission option to “Always”.

Following all of the above steps should fix the GPS Not Found error. But if you are still getting the same error again, follow these instructions.

* Switch off your data connection and GPS for 30 seconds and switch it on again.

* Switch off the GPS and data connection, restart your phone and switch on both of them again.

* Go outside in the open area and keep your phone still for 25-30 seconds. This will help the radios of your phone to connect to the satellites and find out your accurate location.

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Words from the Author

As far as the facts are concerned, Pokemon Go has now become so popular that it has overtaken Walt Disney’s infamous Mickey Mouse in terms of popularity, and it has also become the most trending topic on Twitter. In other words, the game is going mental.

Pokemon Go is available to be downloaded only in some countries for now. The reason behind it is that the developers need more time to establish its servers all around the world. But it can be downloaded unofficially in apk format and played no matter where you are.

We have already provided the Pokemon Go Apk on our website for free download so that anyone can download it and play Pokemon go in countries like India whare it’s not available yet. Anyhow, i hope you will find this tutorial useful, and you will be able to play Pokemon go now by fixing the GPS Signal not found error.

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