Archery King tips – How to reach your targets in Miniclip’s latest

Archery King tips - How to reach your targets in Miniclip's latest Miniclip’s Archery King has hit the bullseye on the UK App Store, and it’s not far off target on the US App Store. Having spent a little time with the game, it’s not too difficult to see why.

The game has a tactile, impossibly tense hold-and-release aiming system, an irresistibly frictionless match-making system, and a compelling betting system that ups the stakes and makes your finger that little bit jitterier on the crucial shots.

With such a competitive game, of course, any kind of edge counts. Here are some tips to get you started based on our time with the game.

Use your time wisely

Don’t rush your shot in Classic multiplayer mode. You’ve got quite a long time to set your aim, so don’t rush things. If the shot isn’t on, don’t take it!

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