App Army Assemble: Bluk

App Army Assemble: Bluk Imagine if Monument Valley was a high score chaser, and you played as a block instead of a princess. That game would pretty much be Bluk, which does a great job of emulating the aesthetics of its influencer.

It’s addictive stuff. You have to slingshot a block across a series of pillars, and gain a point for each one you land on. Land in the sweet spot (represented as a white square in the centre of the pillar) and you get extra points. Miss the pillar entirely, and you have to start all over again.

There are different worlds you can unlock by collecting runes, and each of these have their own style and increase in difficulty. So plenty of challenge and content to throw yourself into.

We’ll have our thoughts for you in the full PG review shortly, but in the meantime, read on to learn what our hardened team of mobile games experts in the App Army thought.

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