5 reasons why the Google Pixel phone will fail

5 reasons why the Google Pixel phone will fail Google announced two new phones recently in the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. This is clearly a direct challenge to the iPhone following years of a ‘death by a thousand cuts’ approach with Android.

There are ample reasons for both optimism and caution concerning Google’s new Pixel strategy. We’ll be outlining the positives in a subsequent article, but for now we want to discuss the key reasons why the Google Pixel might fail.

Don’t agree with us? Spot any other flaws in Google’s approach? Please do share your constructive thoughts in the comments below.

It’s expensive

In one way, the Google Pixel is merely a rebranding exercise. Google has backed a champion device every year since 2010 under the Nexus name.

But one of the key points with the Nexus range is that it’s always come in significantly cheaper than the top Apple and Samsung phones. Given that Android is generally seen as the smartphone platform of the people, that was a smart move.

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